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Digital Banking is the new Norm

70% of global financial institutions see digital transformation as their top priority.


User-centric Focus

96% of customers said their experience is the key factor determining their loyalty to a brand.  Effective software testing will put an end to these bad experiences.

Mobile-First Approach

67.11% of the global population own mobile devices, and it's expected to reach 95% in 2023. Mobile testing is an integral step in software implementation.

Fast Time-to-Market 

As more platforms became integrated with Banking ecosystem, cross-platform testing is key, which helps to accelerate software's time-to-market.

Accelerate your Digital Banking Journey

Work smarter. Test Faster. Create Better Software. All with one Platform.

Saving Cost_Katalon

Save Costs

- One tool for all test frameworks and environments.
- Zero cost for setting up automation frameworks.
Speed up Development_Katalon

Speed up Development

- Effortless CI/CD integration with native plug-ins.
- Built-in Reusability and Intuitive Customization.
Boost Team Productivity_Katalon

Boost Team's Productivity

- An intuitive platform enables fast on-boarding.
- Pre-defined project structures with Record Test & Spy Elements.
Minimize Risks_Katalon

Minimize Risks

- Leverage dynamic data sources for maximum coverage.
- Smart element locating reduces maintenance efforts and risks.


KMS Solutions offers a free, user-friendly, and powerful automated testing tool for Web testing, API testing, and Mobile testing that addresses all complexities with intuitive UI, intelligent reporting, and seamless integration with CI/CD & DevOps that might happen in Banks
  • Minimum programming skill required
  • Fully supports Web, Android, iOS applications, and API testing on all operating systems
  • Run tests at any step on multiple browsers and devices, locally or with cloud services

What our clients say about our Solutions

KMS has helped Tunaiku reduce 60% of the time creating automated test scripts with Katalon Studio, and manage automation results with Katalon TestOps.
TUNAIKU - the pioneer and the largest fintech lending venture in Indonesia
Effective mobile testing has empowered GreenSky to implement the mobile-first approach
GreenSky - A key player in the fintech market
KMS's Testing solution has helped System Automation Corporation save 120 hours per month on software testing, aand serves as a potential tool for the future testers of the team to adopt.
system automation logo
System Automation Corporation - A provider of software platforms for licensing and board management.


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