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Accelerate Digital Lending with the Low Code Loan Software

Mobile Payment is growing fast. Don't stay out of the Digital Lending trend, start to transform your Bank now.

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Great Features

Built For Growth

With BFSI as a focus industry, our engineers help clients modernize legacy systems, provide innovative solutions, and improve digital user experience.

Proven Success

We have a strong track record of building and launching mission-critical applications and digital platforms for several leading companies in the industry.

Industry Best Practices

Minimize risks of development and increase quality through the technology, tools, and industry standards that are integrated into processes and tool chains.

Efficient Scalability

As a well-recognized brand, KMS assembles dedicated experts to help our clients efficiently achieve desired results faster and with minimal risks.

Transform Customer Experience

Create an easy digital lending experience for customers from the onboarding journey powered by real-time ID scanning, facial recognition, and auto-filled forms


Fast Time-to-market

Build loan journeys and launch new loan products at lightning speed using the low code platform.


ISO 27001 certified system that ensures security for mission-critical applications.

Great Numbers


in development


accelerate Time-to-market


improvement in
loan conversions


gains achieved

Take Confidence In Your Digital Lending Product

Release your Commercial Lending, Retail Lending, SMB Lending Products within weeks, not months or years. 

Single platform with multiple business benefits

Business-Driven Actionable Insights

Lending analytics enable the ability to combine data from all sources and transform it into an intuitive dashboard, useful and actionable format to optimize customer experience and expenses..

Improved Customer Experience

Acquire, retain and assist customers through a well-designed journey that increases engagement and customer lifetime value.

Easy Control

Empowers business teams with an easily configurable system that requires zero lines of intricate coding.

Evolve Faster than your Competitors

Experiment with your existing loan products and trigger changes through a faster optimization system to win advantages compared to your competitors. 

Cloud Ready

It can be implemented easily over any public cloud like AWS, Google Cloud or private cloud.

Reduce Total Cost of Ownership

Launch of separate lending products for each region, customer, device, and language. Reduce total cost of ownership and save product development time.

Equip your Banking portfolio with new Digital Lending Products 

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