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Where thought leaders come together to cut through the digital hype
Le Méridien, 3C Ton Duc Thang, Dist. 1, HCMC

Latest Update about Covid-19

The seminar “Digital platform and customer experience: a practitioner's approach” is postponed.

We’re sorry to announce that our upcoming seminar on 19 March is put off due to the Covid-19 outbreak. We believe that now is not an appropriate time as we prioritize your health and safety.

Since the outbreak is getting worse and spreading rapidly, stay alert for your own sake. If you get any flu-like symptoms, please self-quarantine and inform the authority.

We will re-arrange the seminar and announce the details soon after the pandemic is controlled.

Once again, we apologize for this inconvenience.

KMS Solutions.


About The Event


At long last, ‘Digital Platform and Customer Experience: a Practitioner’s Approach’ is where you find out the secrets behind a world-class application architecture and an excellent buying journey. 

Why, out of everything, it has to be these two? Because as the business world becomes more digital than ever, only by engaging seamlessly with your customers and having a scalable digital foundation that will separate your organization from the mass. 

To ensure only 'wow' moments for the C-level guests, this exclusive seminar gathers some of the early thought leaders who have spent much of their working life at the intersection of business and technology. As they look at the changing face of technology, get into the digital consumers' head, and break down the architecture of a digital platform—your very idea of doing business will change, for better.

The Speakers

KMS, Digital Applications Director

- Consult and help clients on their digital businesses, support clients on the adoption of digital technologies, lead continuous change on their digital transformation.

- 17 years track record on leading software development teams for clients around the world with wide range of technologies and frameworks: Cloud Native Applications and Mobile Applications, Chatbot/AI, Intelligent Automation (RPA), ServiceNow, Agile/Devops.

KMS, VP of Technology

- 10 years in business technology consulting leadership at KMS.

- Experiencing from developer, business analyst, project manager to product manager, product owner and business technology consultant in 24 years of software product development.

- Involving on various successful product incubation at KMS which attracted multi-million dollar investment and well recognized leading technology product globally.

Thuc Nguyen_Crop
Ahamove, Head of Operational Technology

- 14 years of experience in Software Development.

-  5 years in Logistics Domain.

-Technologies: Operational Automation Platform, Chatbot, Map, Big Data.

KMS, Product Owner

- 7 years of experience in Business Process Analysis and Customer Success in Software Development.

- Experienced in leading Robotics Process Automation (RPA) projects.

KMS, Solution Architect

- 14 years of experience in Software Development.

- Designed and developed many complex Enterprise Solution Architects for many big clients.

- Technologies: Microservices, Docker/kubernetes, NoSQL, Mobile Apps, DevOps, Cloud Native.


Welcome guests and check-in, tea break
Opening Remark
Disruptions and how to ride the digital wave
- A closer look at how the industry leaders transformed and adapted
- Getting it right with the digital wave
Design for an Excellent Customer Experience
- Current consumer trends that make everyone stand up and take notice
- When designing for innovation and problem-solving, put human at the front and center
Digital Platform - Reference Architecture
- The philosophy behind KMS’s every great work
- A reference architecture that never fail to amaze billion-dollar companies
Teabreak + Networking
The recipe for a successful digital transformation
- The road to transformation is barely rosy as you think it is
- Hand-selected success stories
How AhaMove reformed last-mile delivery
- Last-mile technologies
- How Ahamove overcome their biggest challenges
Lunch + Networking

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