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How Maxis Accelerate Its Testing Process with

Automation Testing


  • The time-consuming testing process 

  • Complicated module integration

  • Inability to provide continuous, fast feedback


  • Quality assurance consulting
  • CI/CD pipeline integration and deployment
  • Extensive hands-on training in web, API, mobile, and desktop automation testing
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Since Maxis' projects have become more complex and expansive, the company applied automation testing to accelerate the process.

Industry: Telecommunications

Size: 3,700+ employees

Headquarters: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Service(s) & Product(s): Katalon Studio Enterprise, Katalon Runtime Engine, TestOps.

Foo Iye Ping - Head of TQA, Maxis

"KMS has been very helpful in hand-holding our team to learn and be proficient with Katalon Studio Enterprise and Katalon TestOps. Thanks to their help, now, we’re able to gain proficiency faster and achieve our automation ambitions sooner."



Complete the training of automation testing based on Maxis’ scenario


Save time and resources in testing


A more mature automated testing framework that can be adapted effortlessly


Software changes can be released fast and reliably

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Having 3 ODCs worldwide, we have supported more than 200 IT companies such as GIC, QSR International, Discovery Market, Paidy, etc. deliver world-class software development services and build engineering teams. Alongside, we're also successful in building and launching 3 software companies. 

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