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Lean Agile Software Requirements  


Leverage Agile implementation based on effective requirements discovery.




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lean agile software requirements

About the Whitepaper

Effectual requirements research and analysis are critical determinants of successful software development. For many enterprises considering Agile methodology, being unable to define lean and scalable Agile processes may prevent the effectiveness of this approach adoption.

This study will help you leverage Agile implementation based on effective requirements discovery.


Three levels of Requirements in Agile development

Analyze the Team level, Program level and Portfolio level of the Big Picture

Lean & scalable requirement practices for Agile teams

Consider the relationship between team backlog, user stories and tasks

Effective Use of Epics, Features, and Stories

Differentiate epics, features and stories based on occurrence, duration, owner, and testability

Learn how to apply Agile approach effectively



Lean and scalable requirements can adapt to the fundamental needs of the largest software enterprise while still providing a quintessentially lean and agile subset for the agile project teams that do most of the work.

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About KMS Solutions

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