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Unleash Your Idea Power with MVP Software Development 

Whether you're a startup just getting off the ground or a large-scale enterprise looking to expand your offerings, we can provide you with expertise and support you need to validate your product-market fit quickly and effectively.

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How we build an MVP

Step 1. Ideation & MVP Planning 

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Business Analysis

  • Market research & competitive analysis
  • Conceptualizing product ideas
  • Determining the monetization strategy
  • Outlining a MVP metrics dashboard

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Feature Road-mapping

  • Determining the features necessary for the MVP
  • Prioritizing features based on user impact and technical feasibility
  • Creating a feature timeline given dependencies, risks and assumptions

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 Architecture Design

  • Building an architecture diagram and a high-level design
  • Selecting tech stack & identify integration points
  • Setting the performance, security and compliance requirements


MVP Project Planning

  • Identifying the development team
  • Establishing the specific tasks and responsibilities of each team member
  • Outlining project scope, budget, deliverables, iterations and risks chapter

Step 2: Rapid Prototyping & Proof-of-Concept (optional)

We recommend PoC and prototypes to clients when there is a need to illustrate software concepts in a sales context, provide stakeholders with a preview of software functionality, or verify the viability of disruptive concepts.

Step 3: MVP Development

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UI/UX Design

  • Defining user personas, behavior patterns and mapping user journeys
  • Creating a simple and intuitive interface for seamless navigation
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  • Front-end development to design the user interface and client-side programming 
  • Back-end development to build the server-side infrastructure and APIs
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Continuous Testing

  • Running testing in parallel with development to facilitate a faster feedback loop
  • Testing the functionality, usability and performance of the MVP

Step 4: MVP Release & Subsequent Iterations 

Depending on the MVP complexity, we either directly deploy the MVP to the production environment or via a testing and staging environment. 

Once the MVP is released, we monitor user interactions to:

  • Validate or redefine user stories
  • Identify emerging risks and update the risk management plan
  • Adjust features as needed

Available Tech Stacks & Tools

Front End

HTML5/ CSS / JS / React / Angular / Vue / Ember / Backbone 

Back End

.NET / Java / NodeJS / RoR / Python / PHP / Go / ExpressJS / ActiveMQ / RabbitMQ / ElasticSearch / SharePoint / Sitecore


React Native / SWIFT / Kotlin / Flutter / iOS (Objective-C) & Android (Java)

Cloud Service

AWS / Azure / Google Cloud Platform         



SQL Server / Oracle / MySQL / PostgreSQL / Hadoop / Kafka / MongoDB/ Cassandra / Redis               

Project Management

JIRA / Trello / MockFlow / VersionOne / Rally / TFS / Balsamiq / XMind               


Visual Studio (Code) / Eclipse / Android Studio / IntelliJ / Atom / GitHub / Bitbucket / GitLab / TFS / Sonar


Katalon / Selenium / Appium / JMeter / qTest / TFS / Zephyr / SoapUI / SmartBear / Postman / Locust / / Robot


Jekins / Docker / Octopus / Kubernetes / Maven / TFS / Puppet / Chef / TeamCity Bamboo / Ansible 

We make MVP launch simple and hassle-free

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14 Years Experience
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$139M Cost Savings 
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130+ Global Clients
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3 OCDs across APAC

Why work with KMS? 

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Team Scalability

Flexibly scale up the internal team as you grow and efficiently accelerate the development process.

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Reliability & Security

Our stringent security protocols & industry-recognized certifications guarantee robust protection

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Extensive Experience

Proficient in diverse programming languages, tools, and frameworks to create exceptional products.

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Timely Delivery

Advanced project management & cost control capabilities to deliver the MVP on time and within the agree-upon budget.

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Access to latest techs

Innovate your MVP with technologies of data science, VR, blockchain, AI, IoT, ML and modern development methodologies.

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Transparent pricing

Clear pricing models with no hidden costs, refraining from overcharging or intentionally withholding pricing information.

Successful MVP Cases


MVP Resources


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Explores the fundamentals of MVP software development and the common challenges that enterprises face when creating one.

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Our step-by-step guidance walks you through the process of building an MVP,  from ideation to launch. 

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Our 5-step formula to create a robust MVP process that yields excellent products and wins the heart of your customers.

Driving Your Idea to Success


KMS works diligently to ensure that your MVP meets the required quality, flexibility, and user experience standards, meeting the evolving needs of your business. Whatever your needs or industry may be, we have the expertise, processes, and tools to make your MVP a success