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Project management templates

Manage your team and project effortlessly with this hand-picked collection of templates!

About this collection

Project management may take on various forms, from software development to massive marketing campaigns. When working on any project, some issues may occur, including lack of communication between team members, scope creep, mismatched team skills, and more.

By using this collection of project management templates, you will have plenty of space to outline an action plan, predict the project's duration, and measure workload capacity.


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Best Project Management Excel Templates

Templates included in this collection

Agile Project Plan Template

Agile Project Plan template


Estimate project 's duration

An Agile project plan is based on features. You can use this plan to predict the duration that each feature is delivered, with brief detail regarding the delivery method. Moreover, as this plan is concentrated on features, you can group similar features into sprints.

You may enter your tasks, the person in charge, the start and finish dates, and the status using this template. Each task's duration will be calculated automatically.

Plan Capacity Needed

A Capacity Planning Template is ideal for project managers, Scrum masters, and team members alike. By using this template, you can estimate and measure each sprint's capacity and compare it with the actual one.

This template allows you to plan the team members' productivity, daily meeting, the number of demos, grooming, etc., and give you a "big picture" regarding the capacity needed for the entire project. From that, immediate adjustment to the team's tasks is made to improve the performance.

Capacity Planning Template

Capacity Planning Template


Weighted Shortest Job First (WSJF) Template

WFSJ Calculator Template (1)


Define and Prioritize Tasks

Weighted Shortest Job First (WSJF) calculator template is ideal for Agile teams in prioritizing a list of initiatives. Marketing teams can use it to determine which projects or campaigns will give the company the highest return on investment. Product teams can use it to decide which items to prioritize on the product backlog.

The WSJF is calculated based on Business value, Job size/Duration, Risk-opportunity value, Time criticality

Identify the team's strength and weakness

The Team & Technical Agility (TTA) template is used to help teams identify areas for improvement, highlight strengths worth celebrating, and baseline performance against future growth.

This assessment report provides a visualization that shows the team and technical agility measurements across the three dimensions (Agile Teams, Built-in Quality, and Team of Agile Teams) and several sub-dimension.

Team and Technical Agility Plan

Team and Technical Agility Plan


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