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Test management templates

The most useful free, downloadable template for your effective software testing management.

About this collection

Whenever you introduce a new software function, it's not always smooth sailing. That's why testing is an integral component of the software development process to ensure product quality.

This collection opens a list of available Testing templates that can help you map out a test plan, review the testing process, identify bugs immediately, and many more. As a team member, or manager, it's essential to keep track of the testing performance to ensure the product's release velocity and software quality.

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Proven Test Plan Templates Excel

Templates included in this collection

Test Run Template

Test Run plan

Map out the plans for your Testing phase

Test Run Template can help you map out test plans for individual components of a project or trial, seamlessly execute tests, and analyze the data that comes from a test.

You can also track tests by test ID and name, identify each step of a test, add priority levels and notes, and compare actual versus expected results. This complete testing template is compatible with all tests, from clinical trials to software updates.


Manage test execution based on requirements

Requirements & Test Execution Template helps identify associated test cases and test runs that need to execute based on requirements in a version.

In a clear way, you can verify the testing status of single requirements as well as the aggregated progress for a whole version.

Requirements and Test Execution Report

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Test Execution & Defects Template

Test execution & defects (1)

Record any defects during the Test execution

Defects found during test execution may be recorded manually. The Test Execution & Defects Template can be used by both team members and managers to record, analyze, and track the associated defects per each test case.

This template is ideal for tracking the number of associated defects that can be tracked during specific test execution.


Review the test cases defined for requirements

The Test Case Traceability Matrix Template is used to link a test to a set of requirements and confidently verify that the application works as expected. By using this template, you can map and trace user requirements with the test cases.

This template will help your testing team to understand the level of testing activities done for the specific product.


Test Case Traceability Matrix

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Requirement Traceability Matrix

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Trace requirements and test

Requirement Traceability Matrix Template is used to track the project requirements through the Project Life-Cycle. You can document each requirement, associate external object ID and record its status, and link to the relevant test cases.

Moreover, when requirements shift in the middle of a project, a traceability matrix lets you see the impacted workflows, test cases, training materials, software code, etc.


Record defects in details

Import Defect Template is ideal for recording defects, bugs, and issues identified during project testing in detail. This template will help you reveal defective testing cases effortlessly through the summary and description of each case. Based on this report, your development team can fix bugs immediately, increasing the time-to-market of the product.


Import Defect Template

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