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AI-Powered Testing: Unleashing the Power of Autonomous Test Generation

With the fast-paced digitalisation nowadays, the traditional testing approaches to ensuring reliability are no longer able to keep up.
By leveraging Autonomous Testing  Generation - the next-gen software testing process, enterprises can harness the power of AI/ML to eliminate human errors and accelerate the delivery process through self-learning.
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About the Webinar

Moving from manual to Autonomous Testing has now become the critical focus of enterprises to reap maximum benefits from their quality assurance initiatives. However, when moving towards this paradigm, they may face challenges, including:
  • Training and maintaining AI models to be compatible with the complex business process.

  • Data security and confidentiality throughout the autonomous testing.

  • Complying with evolving regulatory requirements and industry-specific guidelines and standards.

In this webinar, Khanh Do will share insights and experiences to conquer the next peak of software testing by bringing Autonomous Test Generation into practice:
  • The key concept of autonomous test generation in the financial system.
  • Tips to optimise Autonomous Test Generation.
  • Things to consider when combining autonomous test generation with other testing techniques.
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Key takeaways from the webinar

Transitioning to autonomous testing is a complex journey that contains various aspects to focus on.

  • Autonomous Test Generation: Definition & Key Concept
  • Maximising software quality through autonomous test generation
  • The role of AI and ML in autonomous test generation
  • Benefits of using autonomous test generation in software testing
  • Challenges and limitations of autonomous test generation
  • Combining autonomous test generation with other testing techniques

Our Speaker

Khanh Do - Digital Testing Architect

Khanh Do is an esteemed speaker at KMS with over 13 years of software testing expertise. As a frontrunner in the field, Khanh has diligently researched and worked alongside industry experts to be at the forefront of software testing practices. His focus lies in embracing the power of AI in software testing, particularly in Autonomous Testing, and leveraging the best practices available. Khanh specialises in automation testing, utilising cutting-edge technologies such as Katalon and Kobiton.

With proficiency in database testing and the utilisation of automation and test management tools, Khanh ensures comprehensive coverage and efficient project management. As a sought-after speaker, Khanh will share his knowledge and insights, empowering businesses with the latest trends and best practices in implementing autonomous testing.

Khanh Do

Maximising Software Quality through Autonomous Test Generation

Comprehensive Test Coverage

By leveraging the power of AI, this testing approach can create various test cases that account for different scenarios. Achieve greater confidence in the software quality, as it helps uncover hidden defects and overlooked vulnerabilities.

Time and Cost Efficiency

By automating the process, developers may devote their time to higher-value tasks. The accelerated testing process helps to lower overall project expenses by reducing the reliance on human involvement and minimising the risk of costly setbacks caused by undetected issues.

Scalability and Adaptability

Autonomous Test Generation is designed to scale with the evolving needs of businesses. It can handle complex software systems and adapt to changes in requirements, ensuring that the testing process remains efficient and effective.


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Elevate Your Expertise and Gain New Perspectives

  • How does autonomous testing work?
  • Is it ready for the financial services industry?
  • How can banks and financial institutions transition from test automation to autonomous testing with confidence?

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