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2024 Digital Banking Industry Report

Australia Market | Digital Banking Report


Singapore Market | Digital Banking Report


Vietnam Market | Digital Banking Report


As customers in the Asia Pacific are becoming digital-savvy, banks have faced challenges in meeting their expectations. Understand customer needs and discover innovative banking trends to improve customer experience via Digital Banking Report 2024.

Improve Customer Experience With Digital Banking Trends

Digital banking has grown in popularity in the Asia-Pacific region as a result of customers' growing requirements for more convenient banking experiences.

KMS Solutions Digital Banking Report examines the banking industry in three prominent markets in the region - Australia, Singapore, and Vietnam to:

  • Identify customer behaviors and their expectations for innovative digital banking services
  • Forecast emerging banking trends for each specific market and help enterprises improve their digital transformation strategy.

Striving to lead the digital transformation race? Get industry insights on the latest tech innovations and market trends with data-driven research.

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How Australian Banks Can Adapt to Become Future-Fit | Digital Banking Report

63.6% of Australians of all ages are choosing online banking and apps for most of their banking activities. Analysing customers' behaviour, there are some highlights:

  • 650 electronic transactions are made per person on average.
  • 67% of Australians rated security as one of the top aspects when choosing a financial service provider.
  • The rising demand for personalisation offerings (91%).
  • Open Banking powered products and services are demanded.

With heating competition from digital-first challengers to meet evolving customer expectations, incumbent banks will need to adopt emerging technologies to improve customer experience, drive productivity, and reduce costs.

Australia Banking Industry | Digital Banking Report


What Digital Trends that Singaporean Banks Should Adopt | Digital Banking Report

Singapore, Asia’s largest financial hub, has been for years at the forefront of promoting a digitally-enabled lifestyle for its citizens with digital banking adoption:

  • For 81% of Singaporeans, mobile applications have become the critical method of accessing banking services.

  • 56% of consumers express high interest in using an app that offers better visibility of their financial products and personalised insights.

  • 1/3 of Singapore respondents reveal that the common worry about banking services is trust concerns

Leveraging advanced technologies to ensure a convenient experience, boost efficiency, and enhance security is what banks should strive for.

Singapore Banking Industry | Digital Banking Report


Understand Digital Banking in Vietnam with Innovation Focus  | Digital Banking Report

The proportion of Vietnamese consumers using digital banking at least once a month is anticipated to reach 89% in 2030. Most local banks have focused on digital transformation as a backbone of their long-term strategies:

  • The Action Plan for SBV targets at least 35% of the onboarding processes must be automated by 2025.

  • 66% of Vietnam customers choose online payments via apps or websites.

  • 61% of respondents consider security features such as biometric authentication, OTP and 2FA as extremely important safeguards

Currently, 95% of banks have their digital transformation strategies planned out. The banking sector has allocated up to 15,000 billion VND, equivalent to 10-15% of the average revenue of the industry, for technology innovation investment.

Vietnam Banking Industry | Digital Banking Report

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Revolutionising the Banking Landscape: Insights from Our Regional Digital Banking Report


A must-read material for businesses looking to leverage the latest technological advancements in the digital banking industry for sustainable growth and expansion.

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