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Advanced Software Testing Services for Banks and Financial Institutions

Our Enterprise Software Testing Services reduce the manual testing workload in financial software, help banks and financial institutions accelerate time-to-value, and achieve faster and better results in software quality:

95% time reduction in test creation

50% cut in the regression test cycle

90% decrease in test maintenance effort

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The Challenges in Financial Software Testing

Integrating with Legacy Systems

Legacy systems are more susceptible to security vulnerabilities and attacks. Integrating with them is difficult as they were not designed to handle modern security threats.

Lack of Resources & Expertise

Limitations in skilled testing resources for emerging technologies and Agile/DevOps practices will reduce testing effectiveness and slow down the time-to-market

Dealing with Time Constraints

39% of the BFSI enterprises identified it is challenging to deliver high-quality software within a short timeframe as they have not thoroughly defined the testing process and standard

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Ensure Full Testing Coverage for Financial Platforms

KMS Solutions provide Managed Testing and QA services that incorporate AI in test automation with a structured test strategy, helping financial institutions achieve faster and better results in software quality

Our Enterprise Software Testing Services

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Advisory & Transformation Services

Transform your testing practice with modern frameworks and tools. Improve test coverage & QA maturity.

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Quality Engineering Services

Powering quality and productivity with an automated, AI-led approach. Ensure the quality of the existing systems and applications.

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Specialized Testing Services

We execute different categories of testing, including Performance Testing, Security Testing, Compatibility Testing, DevOps Testing.

We provide Robust Testing Solutions to accelerate Software Quality

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Functional Testing (API and UI)

We develop and run automated test cases to ensure the enterprise application fully complies with its functional specifications. Help speed up the testing process and reduce errors, resulting in a more efficient banking app automation testing process.

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Integration Testing

Individual units or components are combined together here and tested as a group. We ensure that communication and data sharing between software components and among enterprise systems are flawless and consistent.

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Security Testing

Our dedicated testing team employ a comprehensive approach to security testing, including penetration testing, frequent security code review, and vulnerability scanning to ensure all possible system threats are detected.

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Regression Testing

Understanding that enterprise software needs to be continuously updated, we run regression testing automatically to ensure the app’s smooth functioning after any introduced changes and no negative impact to the existing features. 

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Compatibility Testing

Given the device fragmentation, we help enterprises focus on validating software compatibility on different operating systems and devices, browsers and their versions, relevant hardware and network conditions.

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Performance Testing

The most experienced KMS Solutions testing team run non-functional tests to determine how the stability, speed, scalability, and responsiveness of an enterprise software holds up under a given workload.

Automation Testing Process for Financial Enterprises

Business Requirements

We collaborate with clients to identify the specific goals. Enterprises provide KMS team with sample apps and features in multiple test environments, including SIT, UAT, and pre-production.

KMS Engagement Model

Based on the specific requirements of clients, KMS Solutions team proposes suitable models: Quality, Transformation Advisory, and Quality Engineering Specialized Testing.

Client Outcome

End-to-end test automation, Automated test maturity, Managed quality engineering service, Effective CI/CD, Training and mentoring for test automation, Advanced test report.

During the testing process, we also ensure

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Standardised Enterprise Testing Process

Centralised test automation ensures that all test scripts follow the same standards and guidelines provided by clients. We emphasize consistency across different teams and projects, making it easier to manage and maintain the automation framework. 

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Detailed Test Reports and Analytics

We regularly provide a detailed overview of the tests that were conducted, the results obtained, and any issues that were encountered to help clients follow effortlessly.

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Strong Integrations

Ensure the ability of automation testing to seamlessly integrate with other tools and systems used in the banking industry. We also develop global testing solutions for integrated data across the Financial services eco-systems and with other services.

Driving Enterprise Software Success with Test Deliverables

Here are some test artifacts that we provide clients throughout the process of testing to keep them updated

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Make the most from KMS Enterprise Software Testing Services 

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Quality at Speed, Hyper-Testing

We provide a holistic, 360˚ test coverage approach to re-engineer the complex testing process and ensure high-quality financial services software.

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Pre-built Automation Framework

Seamlessly designed to accelerate your software development process and unlock the potential of rapid testing with test automation.

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Solid Pool of Scalable QA Team

KMS Solutions' Testing Center of Excellence with multiple skill sets and domain focus to access the latest innovations in the testing field.

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End-to-end Testing Platform

We offer support for various testing methodologies such as BDD, DDT, and Keyword-driven Testing. Seamlessly integrating with popular CI/CD and ALM.

Successful Enterprise Testing Services Project

For each project, we clearly identify clients' requirements and have a personalised testing strategy to drive success.

We're a trusted partner for businesses' testing services and digitalisation journey


With 14+ years of experience in successfully helping businesses in the BFSI industry excel across the world and 3 ODCs operated in the Asia Pacific, KMS Solutions can leverage our global expertise and professional perspectives to be all companies’ trusted IT service providers. 

We have 180+ resources supporting multiple clients in the BFSI sector. Moreover, we also helped 250+ enterprises in developing software solutions across various sectors, from banking, insurance, to financial services and many more such as ACB, DiscoveryMarket, Axi, etc., to develop financial software and build engineering teams. 

KMS Solutions also won Master Entrepreneur Award at APEA 2022, ranked #9 in Clutch’s Top 100 Fastest-Growing B2B Providers, and gained Top 10 ITC companies in Vietnam 10 years in a row.

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Entrust your enterprise software testing to KMS to get:
  • 5 times increases in Testing lifecycle
  • End-to-end testing services that cover various areas like API Testing, Mobile Testing, Performance, Security Testing, and Functional Testing.
  • 20-40% time-to-market improvement with the KMS Testing Centre of Excellence

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